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Have you listened to your website Alt text?

Nowadays all websites have a certain amount of Alt text automatically added when they are created. Alt text is the descriptive content, embedded in the website that can be read aloud by the device’s onscreen reader or third-party equipment. Users with a variety of needs depend on Alt Text such as those who are visually impaired, Dyslexic and those with compromised mobility who may find it difficult to navigate web pages. Automatically added Alt Text can often be basic, non-descriptive and lack attention to diverse and inclusive language. This may mean that you may be losing valuable traffic to your site.

Aces Consulting: Online Inclusivity Accessible service, examines the current Alt text of your website by carrying out an Accessible Audits. An Action Plan is prepared with suggestions to improve the inclusivity and diversity language of the Alt text for your site. Alterations can be implemented easily by us or your website manager. Audits are also available for social media platforms and apps

Find out more about Online Inclusive Accessibility via the Diversity Consulting Page

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