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Diversity Consulting 

"a Personal Care Assistant's understanding of your individual diversities is as important as their knowledge of your disability"

"When someone shows  you who they are, believe them the first time

PCA Advertising and Management

Do you employ your own Personal Care Assistants (PCA's) to enable you to live your day to day life?

Advertising for PCA's can be difficult; wording advertisements and knowing when and where to place them.

Getting this not quite right can lead to a lack of responses.

Then, when you finally find applicants, it is time-consuming and tiring reading through resumes and CV's.

Does this sound familiar?


  • I advise clients looking for PCAs in a consulting capacity, to help them identify particular attributes they would like their assistants to have.

  • I will support with advertisement writing, placement and applicant management.

  • I work with you to create tailored training for your new recruits about specifics of your life and general diversity awareness.

  • Are your PCAs are provided for you via a care agency?

  • The bespoke training I offer will go beyond the training care agencies give their employees.

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Online Inclusive Accessibility 


In a time when a company’s online presence is becoming increasingly important, it is of fundamental importance to ensure that their websites, apps and social media platforms are accessible and approachable to people with all abilities and diversities. 

 Automatic tools which scan websites against common categories of impairment for accessibility can sometimes miss the true essence of a company.


I examine online presence closely via an Diversity Accessibility Audit, highlighting any particular attributes that may be inaccessible or non inclusive to audiences with different sensory, physical needs and diversities. 

I plan with the client on the best ways to address changes that need to be made to the online content, whilst keeping the fundamental message of the company firmly in mind.

Examples of changes could be:

  • Inclusive language

  • Colour contrast of website theme

  • Size and placement of navigation buttons

  • Quality of Alt Text

  • Non-binary gendered language

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Find out about 


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