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About Me

My lived experiences of intersectionality allows me to speak and deliver training on raising awareness about issues that may not always be included in diversity training. One of my passions is for people to understand that somebody who has a physical disability, is still able to live a full and diverse life.  It is often forgotten that people with disabilities have a sexuality. They also may have a gender identity that differs from people’s assumptions. Through my speaking, these are areas where I would like to challenge people’s perceptions.
I transitioned to align my physical body with my authentic self, the man I had felt myself to be inside.


One of the most powerful things an individual can do is to be absolutely true to themselves, even if the decision and journey is daunting. I have always been fascinated with human behaviour and the psyche. The field of Positive Psychology is an area that powerfully resonates with me. I have always found that by adopting a positive outlook on life and maintaining a “glass half full” attitude, we can dramatically improve every aspects of our wellbeing.

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