Empowerment Coaching

The foundations of life are like roots, they must be well established  underground in order for any growth to occur 

Leo sitting in wheelchair between roots

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are you struggling to make an important decision?

Do you wonder why it feels things keep going in the opposite direct to what you would like?

Are you lacking motivation?

Leo in electric wheelchair between bamboo

Bamboo is powerful! 

Roots nurture and grow underground longer, before the shoots begin to spout faster than any other plant. Nurture your roots and put work into your foundations 

Once canes have grown for a period, energy is directed back to the roots for further development. Keep reflecting on yourself, keep exploring 

It is incredibly strong and flexible. You can be strong and flexible 

You are empowered!

What is empowerment Life Coaching?


I will assist you to increase your autonomy and empower you to examine specific areas you feel require attention in order to achieve long lasting improvement or change and increasing confidence, with the aid of gratitude practices. 

  • We will identify your intentions and focus on living an empowered life with integrity.

    • Intentions are like "marking the X in the ground" regarding your aims.

    • Life with integrity is the ability to follow through on commitments to yourself and other. In turn, allowing us greater freedom and the ability to powerfully progress.

  • This method of coaching draws attention to what you are already grateful for, helping you to discover any obstacles that are holding you back from turning intentions into goals and strengthening integrity and empower confidence.

Is empowerment Life Coaching for you??

Lifestyle changes, to guide your rediscovery of your hidden positive qualities which are currently preventing you having a more meaningful and happier life

Time management, to assist you to examine current routines and schedules, finding opportunity to put in place techniques to maximise space for your desires

Relationship analysis, to maintain, strengthen, recognise and rekindle connections between family and friends

Anxiety and stress decompression, to support you to identify what causes these feelings and share practical positive ways, such as affirmations to lessen their intensity

Obstacle busting with gratitude practices, such as journaling, to guide you to uncover issues blocking the full potential of living your life

Creativity enhancement, to support your exploration of creative pursuits, remembering the passion behind them and to understand why they have been disregarded or shelved.

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