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Empowerment Transition Coaching

The foundations of life are like roots, they must be well established  underground in order for any growth to occur 

Leo sitting in wheelchair between roots

Do you feel stuck?

Are you struggling to make an important transition in your life?

Do you wonder why it feels things keep going in the opposite direct to what you would like?

Are you lacking motivation?

Leo in electric wheelchair between bamboo

Bamboo is powerful! 

Roots nurture and grow underground longer, before the shoots begin to spout faster than any other plant. Nurture your roots and put work into your foundations 

Once canes have grown for a period, energy is directed back to the roots for further development. Keep reflecting on yourself, keep exploring 

It is incredibly strong and flexible. You can be strong and flexible 

You are empowered!

Empowerment  Transition Coaching 5 Distinctions

Distinction 1

The Confidence Force Field

Developing your confidence to take on any situation with velocity and gain a deep rooted belief in yourself!

It is common for us to lack confidence in certain areas of our lives. Perhaps due to past experiences or the messages we are told. Developing the confidence force field requires exploration into those experiences and messages to rewrite our inner narrative.

Distinction 2

Visibility Pride

Nurturing your ability to be seen and proud of who you are.

When we feel happy and content with ourselves inside and out, we attract others. Freedom is experienced when we are unapologetic and unconditionally accept ourselves as whole.

Distinction 3

Fight Not Flight

Building psychological muscles to remain firm, whilst fair with beliefs against conflict.

The ability to fight or flight are survival necessities. However, insecurities can cause us to always take flight, rather than keeping consistent with self truths.

Distinction 4

Supercharging Your Autonomy

Growing our capacity to be our own person, according to reason and motivation.

External pressures can cause us to conform to other’s expectations. When we are clear about your motivations, goals and ambitions, it is easier to consider our needs and desires, alongside those of others equally.

Distinction 5

Revelling Your Value

Discovering unique strengths, qualities and how to utilise them.

Absolute self awareness is most powerful when we understand our capabilities. Being able to efficiently draw upon relevant strengths in different situations, makes us equipped to deal with any eventuality.

Is empowerment Transition Coaching for you??

Lifestyle changes, to guide your rediscovery of your hidden positive qualities which are currently preventing you having a more meaningful and happier life

Time management, to assist you to examine current routines and schedules, finding opportunity to put in place techniques to maximise space for your desires

Relationship analysis, to maintain, strengthen, recognise and rekindle connections between family and friends

Anxiety and stress decompression, to support you to identify what causes these feelings and share practical positive ways, such as affirmations to lessen their intensity

Obstacle busting with gratitude practices, such as journaling, to guide you to uncover issues blocking the full potential of living your life

Creativity enhancement, to support your exploration of creative pursuits, remembering the passion behind them and to understand why they have been disregarded or shelved.

If any of the above resonate with you, please book a Seed Call.



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Path  through bamboo


The programme was very insightful and informative. Leo is very intuitive and really good at reflecting back aspects of what you've said in a way you may not have considered. The resources and activities are really helpful, and I greatly enjoyed the sessions.     Isla

I was pleased for the opportunity to take part in the coaching programme. I found the experience both illuminating and challenging. Leo is an able and gifted coach, he is a good listener, intuitive, articulate and quick thinking. The course has helped me deal with situations more positively and creatively and has deepened a sense of gratitude in my life.     Andrew 

Before the coaching program, I was in quite a dark place. I felt hopeless and frustrated by my situation, which seemed like it wasn't going anywhere. Initially, I was terrified about the coaching program as it was soon identified that I struggle with being vulnerable. Therefore, I found the first few sessions incredibly emotional, but Leo was patient and left it to me to say if I wanted to finish the sessions if it got too much - fortunately, it didn't because it nudged me out of my comfort zone. The activities set in between each session were a challenge, though not too difficult for them not to be enjoyable. With Leo's gentle guidance and feedback, I feel more empowered to challenge myself, and grow as a person. With their help, I have a better outlook on what to do next. Thank you, Leo!     Becca 

Leo is a compassionate and thoughtful coach. He guides his clients with well-considered questions allowing his clients to arrive at the best solution for them. He creates a safe space for his clients to fully explore what they are experiencing and listens intently to what they are saying and not saying. He intuitive when helping his clients get results.     Micheal 

By asking powerful questions and listening carefully to my answers, Leo "Aces" Collins from Aces Diversity Training helped me create a plan for my social media marketing that I can manage easily. Leo's coaching helped me put the pieces of my puzzle together and now I feel empowered to promote my book, tv series, retreats and coaching services in a bold, New way and I'm excited about my life! Thanks, Leo!      Maria 

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