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Somebody once asked me whether I considered transitioning on top of having Cerebral Palsy “too much”

When I describe my diversities to others, I enjoy stating the less obvious first, ie: I'm Leo, I'm gay, I'm a transman and I have Cerebral Palsy. I do this as my particular disability is very visible. Throughout my life, I have had to work hard to make people aware that despite my involuntary movements and speech impediment, my intelligence is not affected by my disability. In my experience, some can feel a little overwhelmed when meeting me face to face until they “tune in” to my voice and understand that even if my arm flies out, I’m probably not trying to hit them!

Life modelling provides me with an invaluable platform to share my experiences whilst artists can study my body without the normal social constriction of “it’s rude to stare”.

Find out more via the Modelling page


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