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"The only thing better than teaching about the importance of identity is being part of showing it!" 

The Welcome Trust

I was part of a project that looked at different body types. I modelled alongside amputees, to create a collection of photographs looking at the strengths of disabled bodies.

Black and white photo of Leo side sitting in underwear
Black and white photo of Leo's head and shoulders


Collaborating with I modelled at the art supply store GreatArt. A group of artists were invited to sketch me whilst I spoke about my experiences of disability and gender.

Black and white photo of Leo laying on his back on cushion
Poster for GreatArt "Drawing A Queer Story" event

Beneath The Skin

This was a two-year project with artist, Annabel Mednick. Through oil paintings, sketches and installation, we showed that despite my differences, I can model and be captured to show beyond my disability..

Portrait of Leo crawling up a ladder painting
Portrait of Leo's back and scoliosis painting

The Tate

I modelled in the Henry Moore Gallery for about 30 sitting artists. At the same time, I conducted an open discussion about the challenges of modelling with Cerebral Palsy as well as asking the artists what it was like to draw somebody with involuntary movements.

Leo posing laying down for artists
Leo posing sitting for artists

The Horse Hospital

I modelled at the unique Horse Hospital gallery for an exhibition called Arrows of Desire, the art show celebrating the agony and ecstasy of Saint Sebastian.

Leo posing sitting for artists
Leo posing sitting for artists

Trans AND

I was invited to film with independent film makers MyGenderation ( )  to make a documentary called TransAND. This short film is about who I am and my transition journey. 

Watch the film


To find out more information or to book me for a class. Please email:

Leo laying with LGBTQI flag over torso
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