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Welcome to the Journal ♠️

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I have decided to begin a new blog as part of my site. Here I shall write about diversity speaking, consulting, gratitude centred coaching as well as some of my day to day lived experiences.

First of all, I wanted to write a little about when I began Aces Training.

I have been delivering transgender and disability awareness training for around 8 years now to university students and care agencies. However, I felt it was time to formalise what I can offer into topics and also branch into the corporate world.

I began my spiritual journey in the first lock down (I had the time). I began learning about just how powerful gratitude can be for influencing our lives and also having a real awareness of ourselves. Much of the time, most of us go through our lives believing that we are our thoughts, emotions and actions. However, what I have come to realise through a lot of reading and mediation, is that the core of us, the real ”I”, is more than all this.

For example, if we have an argument with somebody and we feel angry and upset, we experience these feelings but we do not become them. Sooner or later the feelings will fade but the real ”I” will not go with it. Our thoughts and feelings are the results of our brains having physical reactions that are already pre-programmed by past experiences. We shouldn’t base our whole identity on these thoughts.

18 months ago, I was one of those people who had conditioned themselves not to get ones hopes up. If there was something that I really wanted to do or happen, I would control my expectations and actually thought that if my hopes were too high, it would actually repel the situation from happening! The “too good to be true” phenomena. My mindset has shifted dramatically. I found it so liberating to actually allow myself the freedom to believe in the best outcome, it's almost like being a child again. Do you remember in past times when you were a kid and lacked inhibition? You thought almost anything was possible and found life generally exciting? To change our outlook just takes adopting a different perspective on life. Instead of thinking that we are just one passive entity in the world, try thinking that we are IT. This may sound ridiculous and I'm not suggesting that we should consider ourselves as some godly figure or allow our ego to dominate. However, all of us only ever interpret the world from our own perspective. As a species we may consider our reality as fact, due to our social collective conscience. However, a dog's interpretation of the world is vastly different to ours and a lady bird’s will be different again. What I am trying to say is that, if our whole reality is actually a product of our awareness, then we possess the ability to influence more of our existence than we may think!

We know that everything consists of energy. My science is pretty basic but I know that atoms form chemical bonds to create molecules. The 90 natural occurring atoms combine to make everything, including our thoughts and beliefs, inanimate objects and even that lady bird! Molecules are created when two or more atoms form chemical bonds with each other. If we zoom into the atom, the sub-atomic energy clouds are composed of a nucleus with positive charged protons and neutral electrons. The nucleus is circled by negative charged electrons. Further magnification would show more sub-atomic particles which are actually units of energy with vast distance between each spinning electron. This means that actually atoms are 99.999999999% empty space. Energy appears in two forms, wave and particle. The wave represent potential and the particle is the manifested form of one of those potentials. Our thoughts, beliefs, experiences etc derive from the potential collapsing into physical form. Therefore our physical bodies are manifestations made of energetic pieces of vibration. Nothing is ever still, everything vibrates and we possess the power to alter those vibrations.

Adopting a more positive attitude when it comes to our health, like altering outlooks about an illness can dramatically improve recovery no matter what we may be facing. Having gratitude for life have countless benefits from physical and emotional to our social experiences and career. Learning how to use gratitude to enrich our lives felt so important to me that I wanted to work with people to show them the vast potential. This is when I decided to build upon my qualifications in Psychology and counselling. I began my training as a life coach and am now ready to begin working with clients.

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