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So is the first dating site or rather app I thought I would try. I thought I would start with this one as personally when I think of online dating, I think Match is one of the most well known. However, I do associate it with straight dating, so it'll be interesting to see what the gay side is like. I also didn't want to start with a traditional gay app just for a change really!

I signed up to Match on the evening of the 7th of September, so I've been on it for so over a week. I paid £29.99 for the month, in my limited experience I think this is probably about higher\middle range cost. I guess I have a better concept of pricing once I have been on a couple more. As with most apps, you fill in your profile before you see the different subscription options. I guess most apps do this so you feel invested?

Match provide a large word count for your profile and I was able to copy and paste my profile that I had written on my phone notes. This is really useful for me, some apps (all kind, not only dating) don't allow copy and paste which is a pain for me as I use a special writing app called Dasher, so I need copy and paste.

Match also had some pre-chosen questions you could add to your profile, like: “If I had an extra hour per day....”


”The things I always carry with me are....”

I guess these can be quite good ice breakers when talking to people. However, in my experience starting a conversation always has a similar format:

”Hi, how are you?”

Hi, good thanks, you?

”Good thanks, what you up to?”


I always consider mixing it up with something like:

”Hi, did you know that OMG usage can be traced back to 1917”* but I think people would probably think I'm odd and not answer.... Hence I stick to "Hello, how are you?” or something similar. I added an handful of my best looking photos of myself, airbrushed to the max (not really, I can't be arsed)! Definitely no dick pics from me!

Anyway, once I had signed up for a months subscription, I had problems. I still couldn't see anybody as if I hadn't paid. I went to the help section of the app and emailed Customer Services. By the time I logged on in the morning, the problem was solved and somebody had replied to my email. So I would say good customer service.

So I was unleashed! Some guys had already checked out my profile and ”liked" me. I didn't have much time that day, so just had a quick look at who had viewed me. The next day I explored a little more and searched for guys closer to me. In the last week, I have had small chats with a few guys but up until the other night, no communication had lasted. Then I began to chat to somebody who I really liked and we're are still talking, so watch this space!

*Random fact from

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