Diversity Speaking 

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The words: awareness Is freedom, it brings freedom, it yields freedom

I work with small groups on an interactive basis and also give lecture-style training to large groups.

I alter my training to suit the audience. I adopt an intersectional approach looking at the interconnections of different group's diversities​

Training is suitable for Health, Medical and Social Care, Professionals and Students

Corporate Professionals 

Transgender & Gender Identity Awareness Training

With society growing in inclusivity and people now embracing the freedom to live as their true selves, there are now more gender identities than ever.

Whether it in the healthcare, educational or work environment, it is imperative to have a good level of awareness, sensitivity and knowledge about Trans* related issues.


Trans* is an inclusive term used to include anybody with identities on the gender spectrum, excluding Cis-men and Cis-women. The umbrella includes: Non-Binary, Genderqueer, and gender non-conforming identities, eg: Gender-fluid, A-gender, genderless, Bigender, third gender and two-spirit. As well as binary identities: Transman and Transwoman, Transgender, Transsexual.

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Disability and LGBTQI+ Intersectional training

It continues to be important to highlight the needs and requirements of people who have disabilities. In many aspects of life, people with disabilities are required to adapt particular situations to their abilities. Challenges occur when environments, scheduling and peers are not lenient or aware of changes that could aid accessibility for somebody with extra needs. Even small considerations can go a long way to making life easier and mean that somebody may feel more included.


The Intersectionality of disability and sexuality is one that requires greater attention. It seems to be a common misconception that people with severe physical and mental disability must not be capable of having a fulfilling sex life. I have experienced first-hand, the lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding sexual health and the needs of somebody with disabilities.

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Feedback from Social Care students at the University of Suffolk

“Leo was open, honest and we felt able to ask personal questions which he responded to with courage, understanding and humour.”

“Leo highlighted the importance of ‘tuning in’ and showed us the importance of being able to live, how he wanted to live.”

“Leo remained optimistic in the face of bleak realities, including dwindling resources for both trans people and those with disabilities.”

“Leo was incredibly empathic and showed care and understanding to other people’s different beliefs, attitudes and nerves towards him as a transman with a disability.”

“Leo was quite inspiring; he is not dealing with just 1 level of discrimination, but many and he showed us that it is important to not give up on your dreams, but to be persistent and brave.”

“Leo taught us that it is important to not make assumptions and encouraged us to see things from his point of view.”

“Leo gave us practical ideas in how to approach our social work practice moving forward. For example, around the important use of pronouns and language.”