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Coaching Programmes 

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A conversation for you to ask questions about Gratitude Coaching.

What Gratitude Coaching is.

How can it help you.

The format of Gratitude Centred Coaching.

What to expect during subsequent sessions. 

Preparation and support materials which are available during the coaching program.


6 Week Programme


12 Week Programme


 Programs Include:


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Exploring and examining the different areas of your life and whether your core needs are being met.

We will do this by discussing your responses to the specialist coaching exercises you have access to prior to this session

First, examining the areas in your life which are currently successful, by exploring the techniques, including: behaviours, actions, attitudes, circumstances and skills, you are using.

Then we will explore areas that require change or improvement.

We discuss the transferability of the techniques identified above.

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Goal Setting

Identifying goals and how to turn them into reality.

We review the work we did during the Exploration Session.

Next we will discuss your responses to the specialist coaching exercises you have access to prior to this session.

Then we focus extensively on the goals you have identified, how you hope to achieve them and how you life may change or improve.

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Review, refresh and re-evaluation. Sessions can be used to focus deeper on individual intentions, monitor process of goals in progress, or for reflection on a goal that has recently been achieved

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Gratitude Techniques 

Learn fundamental practices, enhancing the positive attitude you approach goals with

I have a Counselling Diploma 

 CPD qualifications in Life Coaching 

Accredited by ACA

(non medical)

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If you would like to find out more about Gratitude Centred Life Coaching, email

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