Gratitude Centred Coaching

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Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are you struggling to make an important decision?

Do you wonder why it feels things keep going in the opposite direct to what you would like?

Are you lacking motivation?

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It is a known fact that having gratitude can greatly improve our outlook on anything!

Did you know that practising gratitude regularly, has so many benefits throughout all aspects of our lives? Here are some examples:

Physical Health benefits

"Counting our blessings" has been found to lower blood pressure! It reduces symptoms of physical stress, improves sleep, helps us to exercise more regularly, speeds up recovery and much much more!

Mental Health and Emotional benefits

Having an “attitude to gratitude” can make us happier! Spending a few minutes remembering all the things in our lives that we are happy with, enjoying and are pleased with each day can increase our overall long-term happiness by 10%.

Social benefits

"More gratitude, more friends!" People who are more grateful often have a wider social network and better relationships. This is due to the effect that gratefulness has on the trustworthiness and confidence others perceive us to have.

Career benefits

"Gratitude accelerates productivity!" Practising gratitude can make us more effective in our work. It can enhance praise giving skills and motivating abilities.

Personality benefits

"Greater gratitude, greater outlook!" Practising gratitude makes us more optimistic, not only about ourselves but also regarding others. It can encourage us to be more giving and can decrease self-centred thinking.

These are just some of the benefits, the list goes on!

What is a Gratitude Centred Life Coach?

  • A gratitude life coach is a type of wellness practitioner who helps you achieve a more fulfilling life with the aid of positive thinking.

  • The coach may assist you to focus on specific areas which you feel require attention in order to achieve long lasting improvement or change, with the aid of gratitude practises. 

  • Gratitude centred life coaching can help you identify intentions and work on living with integrity.

    • Intentions are like "marking the X in the ground" regarding your aims.

    • Life with integrity is the ability to follow through on commitments to yourself and other. In turn, allowing us greater freedom and the ability to progress.

  • This method of coaching draws attention to what you are already grateful for, helping you to discover any obstacles that are holding you back from turning intentions into goals and strengthening integrity

Is Gratitude Centred Life Coaching for you??

Many people begin working with a life coach for a variety of reasons,

Such as:

Lifestyle changes, to guide your rediscovery of your hidden positive qualities which are currently preventing you having a more meaningful and happier life

Time management, to assist you to examine current routines and schedules, finding opportunity to put in place techniques to maximise space for your desires

Relationship analysis, to maintain, strengthen, recognise and rekindle connections between family and friends

Anxiety and stress decompression, to support you to identify what causes these feelings and share practical positive ways, such as affirmations to lessen their intensity

Obstacle busting with gratitude practices, such as journaling, to guide you to uncover issues blocking the full potential of living your life

Creativity enhancement, to support your exploration of creative pursuits, remembering the passion behind them and to understand why they have been disregarded or shelved.

If any of the above resonate with you, book your free Introductory Conversation now!

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How is Life Coaching different to therapy?

There are some similarities between Psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching. However, coaching is not about healing past traumas or treating mental health conditions. Coaches may support you to address some unresolved issues, however, their prime purpose is to assist you to focus on the present and future, instead of the past. They are unable to treat conditions such as mood disturbances and addiction.