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Empowering The Roots  Of Diversity 

Hello and welcome,

I'm Leo, Coach and Speaker. I'm passionate about championing diversity and empowering people with different abilities.

Leo in electric wheelchair by roots of tree


Life coaching blended with counselling techniques to support, challenge and empower.

Wooden block saying "Believe in your potential "



Motivational Speaking to all abilities,using positive Psychology and gratitude skills

Who am I 

My lived experiences allow me to really understand the challenges of those with different abilities. My passion is for people who are differently abled to truly believe they can achieve anything with a powerful mind. Through motivational speaking, I empower and support.


One of the most powerful things we can do is to be absolutely true to ourselves, even if the decision and journey is daunting. Positive Psychology is an area that powerfully resonates with me. I have always found that by adopting a positive outlook on life and maintaining a “glass half full” attitude can dramatically improve every aspect of our wellbeing.


Road with the words "Future, Present, Past " getting closer

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A blog about diversity speaking, consulting, empowerment coaching as well as some of my day to day lived experiences.

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